About Us

Robert-Sharrock-v2The Nick Hastings Consultancy helps individuals, teams and organizations to achieve breakthrough performance.

Founded on elite performance psychology principles – the Consultancy helps break down the psychological barriers that so often impede the transition from good to great. The Consultancy draws on more than a decade of experience working with high profile figures from the worlds of sport, the Arts, business and non-profit. Regardless of the sector – the blockers remain the same: changing mindsets and moving toward success, rather than away from failure, are the outcomes we seek to deliver.

Today, the Consultancy finds itself increasingly in demand from the business world. Companies and their leaders are recognising that the mindset required ‘to win’ and to perform at the very top of an individual’s game – long understood in the worlds of sport and the performing arts – is entirely applicable to the world of business, too.

The Consultancy was founded by Nick Hastings – a sports and corporate psychologist – in 2011.