Rory’s struggle is the equipment, not the clubs

Never has Rory McIlroy looked so comfortable as when playing Titleist golf clubs in a Jumeirah branded outfit. His US Open and US PGA victories were bordering on effortless. He won both by eight shots. His rise at the time to World no.1 was as inevitable as it was deserved. As soon as he appeared in Abu Dhabi with that red headed driver and a Nike logo on his clothing, something just looked wrong. Rory was uncomfortable, a stranger in his own golf skin. Yes his swing was not quite where it … [Read more...]

Djokovic vs Murray – the turning of the tide

A great Kiwi friend of mine always says the Brits react disproportionately to both success and failure. We chastise those who let us down. We put those who achieve on a pedestal. However, unlike the England rugby team in 2003, who looked so shocked in victory, yesterday gave birth to champion who had found his rightful place in history. Andy Murray is a tennis player who has learned to assert his authority. Other Brits have similar qualities. Justin Rose, in his US Open win, for example. … [Read more...]

Is the availability of technology over-complicating golf?

A client recently told me that if the modern golf coach is without a camera, Trackman and Kvest, the modern European Tour golfer simply won't taken them seriously. I hate to think what the equivalent might be for psychologists - a couch, a pendulum and an egg timer perhaps? Crikey. Are we really complicating things so much? I will always remember watching Bob Torrance coach. Simple messages based on simple observations. Gary Nicol is the same - he uses what he sees, what the golfer cannot see, … [Read more...]

Golf course management and strategic leadership

Andrew Coltart wrote a fascinating piece recently on how young golfers are now relying more on laser yardage devices than a good old fashioned yardage book. Yes, he argues, you can use a laser on any golf course, but you can't use it to plot your way strategically around the golf course. The laser usually only gives us one number  - distance to the flag. It does not tell us where we can't miss or how much room we have around the flag. More young players are short-siding themselves, Coltart … [Read more...]

Great couple of days with and Pinboard film. Caps off a great week after meeting UK Sport to discuss helping out with Rio 2016. Bring it on.

  … [Read more...]

The Error Paradox: How an intolerance of mistakes can increase the likelihood of failure

As a nation, we are not the most tolerant at the best of times, especially when it comes to mistakes. From our early school days, the red pen is unsheathed to scar our work with little wounds which for some may never fully heal. Yes there are the soothing ointments too. The ticks which point us towards our strengths do exist, but it can take some time to appreciate these with sufficient intensity and humility. Half our politicians don't seem to know what they're good at. The other half are … [Read more...]

What Lance, Kwetu, Tiger and David have in common….

Much can be read between the lines of what Lance Armstrong has disclosed to Oprah Winfrey over the last two days. Of particular interest is the fact that he didn't really confess at all. First of all, he said, everyone was doing it. Secondly, you couldn't win without doing it. A confession, in my mind, requires guilt as well as admission. Lance only feels the latter. Why? Because he is one of many recent performers who get 'stuck in the lie'. Until it's too late. Interestingly, all of them are … [Read more...]

Elite Performance Workshops for Business 2013

Elite Performance at Work is a sport psychology consultancy for business leaders. We make organisations a simple promise: insight from elite sport and expertise from big business psychology firms, at 50% of the standard day rate. We are deliberately a small firm working with three independent consultants only. We give you one point of contact. We will not make you wait or ask you to work around our diaries. We will work around yours. Our elite performance workshops are bespoke to you, designed … [Read more...]

Why Adam Lanza did it, and why he didn’t

A team of forensic psychologists is currently stationed in Connecticut looking for the motivation behind Adam Lanza's tragic massacre of 20 children last week. Morgan Freeman is right to suggest that the focus be placed not only on gun law, but also investment in mental health. With one key caveat - that we actually seek to understand the behaviour, rather than simply applying the label. Thus far, Lanza's behaviour has been explained by Asperger's, Autism, even Schizophrenia. These explanations … [Read more...]

Stormy weather – the link between road rage, hurricanes and global unrest

Tip of the week - Tuesday 4th December 2012 While the political focus remains on economic and religious turbulence, the world has seen a rise in many forms of extremism over the past decade. With environmental, technological and behavioural extremes becoming not only prevalent, but also popular, is there a role for moderation in calming the waters? Last week, I was foolish enough to open my car window to say hello to someone I thought was an old friend. As the corresponding window descended in … [Read more...]