Elite Performance Workshops for Business 2013

Elite Performance at Work is a sport psychology consultancy for business leaders. We make organisations a simple promise: insight from elite sport and expertise from big business psychology firms, at 50% of the standard day rate. We are deliberately a small firm working with three independent consultants only. We give you one point of contact. We will not make you wait or ask you to work around our diaries. We will work around yours. Our elite performance workshops are bespoke to you, designed … [Read more...]

Stormy weather – the link between road rage, hurricanes and global unrest

Tip of the week - Tuesday 4th December 2012 While the political focus remains on economic and religious turbulence, the world has seen a rise in many forms of extremism over the past decade. With environmental, technological and behavioural extremes becoming not only prevalent, but also popular, is there a role for moderation in calming the waters? Last week, I was foolish enough to open my car window to say hello to someone I thought was an old friend. As the corresponding window descended in … [Read more...]

Quality over quantity – the return of care and craftmanship

Tip of the week - Tuesday 30th October 2012 When Christo Lefroy-Brooks talks about taps, he does so with the panache of a man who really gets his industry. Not only does he get taps, he gets the evolution of taps. He gets that taps may one day be obsolete, replaced by touch screen panels or apps that can run you a bath while you make your way home. He understands the inevitability of it all, and the excitement of such rapid innovation. But he also comprehends that innovation and tradition can … [Read more...]

Why diplomatic rhetoric could help Europe win the Ryder Cup..

Tip of the week - Friday 28th September The last time Europe lost the Ryder Cup was in 2008, under the captaincy of Nick Faldo. Rightly condemned as one of the worst captain's Europe has had, it was his single-mindedness as a player that let him down as a captain. Unable to collaborate, delegate or empower others, he could only sink where others had swam. More than anything though, it played as far away from European strength as the match was played away from home. The Europeans trade on team … [Read more...]

A response to Chris McGrath in The Independent

Tip of the week - Tuesday 14th August Saturday’s Independent includes an article by Chris McGrath entitled ‘The Last Word: Beware the Great Big Olympics Lie’. If you’ve read it, you’ll know the general gist – the media elevated our Olympians from nobody to somebody, and we the public, through ‘obedient infatuation, at the behest of the mass media’ have been swept away by a ‘slick of dishonesty upon the great tide of gladness’. Allegedly, this so-called ‘docility and … [Read more...]

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I had a meeting yesterday with a former apprentice who wanted advice with his apprenticeship coming to an end  on what to do next? During the conversation it became really apparent to me as I am someone who prides themselves in giving new talent opportunities that perhaps we are actually setting out apprenticeships up for a unrealistic world of work?I really think the concept is sound, work and train.. instead of going out to university and get saddled with £9000 debt but I worry that the … [Read more...]

Talent Tip of the Day- Friday 13 July

I have been in Blackburn for the last 2 days working with our national one voice team in developing them to manage change, bond as a team and overall enable them to discover their own leadership style and voice.The 2 days were really divided into the first classic push with us as an HRLT taking them through loads of what we are working on, consulting but ultimately telling them. This was helpful for us but is it helpful to them as a team? On the one hand totally, as information is important and … [Read more...]


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Talent Tip of the day- Friday 6 July

"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." - Peter DruckerJust posted the attached quote into my Linked in profile via buffer.. now that is what we would call social media efficiency but is it going to be make me more effective? In the short term yes as I will be able to connect with more people, hopefully inspire some thinking and drive my connectivity.However this is not all about me, me me. I would say that I really struggle with this as from my … [Read more...]


Tip of the day - Thursday 5th July We open TODAY in Little Oak Wood, Addison Way, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 6QS. Performance dates are 5th July - 7th July 7:30pm, 8th July 3pm & 11th July - 14th July 7:30pm DON'T MISS THIS UNIQUE OPEN AIR PRODUCTION … [Read more...]