Golf course management and strategic leadership

Andrew Coltart wrote a fascinating piece recently on how young golfers are now relying more on laser yardage devices than a good old fashioned yardage book. Yes, he argues, you can use a laser on any golf course, but you can't use it to plot your way strategically around the golf course. The laser usually only gives us one number  - distance to the flag. It does not tell us where we can't miss or how much room we have around the flag. More young players are short-siding themselves, Coltart … [Read more...]

Great couple of days with and Pinboard film. Caps off a great week after meeting UK Sport to discuss helping out with Rio 2016. Bring it on.

  … [Read more...]

The Olympic Games – a spirit of war in a time of peace

Tip of the week - Saturday 11th August As Mo Farah entered the home straight this evening and last Saturday, roars to wake the souls of the dead erupted around the Olympic stadium. They were not roars of desperation, anger or anguish. They were roars of hope, joy and unity. Throughout the two races, eighty thousand people united to will Mo home. … [Read more...]

Ranting is not reform

2am. Phone rings. 'Mr.Mann! Bob Diamond's resigned! You'd better prepare a rant!' 'Oo yes yes, I must. Hang on, let me have a look in my rant drawer, I'm sure I can find something. It had better be good, after all, my name is Mister Mann, they might not take me seriously?' 'I'm sure they will sir. Your arguments are so solutions-oriented.' 6am. Phone rings. 'Lord Oakeshott, Bob Diamond's resigned! You'd better tell them you warned them 5 years ago...and that you were the first to do so. That … [Read more...]

Every little helps – or does it?

Tip of the day - Friday 22nd June Tesco recently published their third consecutive quarterly fall in sales. In the face of media speculation as to why, Phillip Clarke had little choice but to blame market conditions and the ever-reducing confidence of his customer base. Or did he? … [Read more...]

Expect the best, accept the rest

Tip of the day - Saturday 19th May SMART goals are out of date. Forget them. They are a recipe for mediocrity. Instead set goals which, if achieved, would lead to you punching your fists with joy. Stretch the boundaries of your ambition. Raise the bar, knowing that if you don't quite achieve it, you can handle it. Expect the best, accept the rest. You might not achieve what you set out to, but you'll get a lot closer than you would by playing it safe. Better to be close to a dream than … [Read more...]

Move towards success, not away from failure.

Tip of the day - Monday 14th May  Elite athletes typically pursue what they do want. Sub-elites focus more on what they want to avoid. One mindset creates freedom and focus, the other tension and anxiety. … [Read more...]