Is the availability of technology over-complicating golf?

A client recently told me that if the modern golf coach is without a camera, Trackman and Kvest, the modern European Tour golfer simply won't taken them seriously. I hate to think what the equivalent might be for psychologists - a couch, a pendulum and an egg timer perhaps? Crikey. Are we really complicating things so much? I will always remember watching Bob Torrance coach. Simple messages based on simple observations. Gary Nicol is the same - he uses what he sees, what the golfer cannot see, … [Read more...]

How Murray might win Wimbledon – bones, not brains

Only in Britain. An 11pm 'fun tax' curfew. Thank god common sense prevailed and the match was allowed to continue for its extra 2 minutes. I'm sure there is a rationale, but I can't help thinking that if concert, restaurant, club and festival-goers can get themselves home safely past midnight, then so can the humble tennis fan. But I'm probably missing something. What was interesting though was Murray's response, and particularly the extra gear he found when he realised that he could, by … [Read more...]