A response to Sergio Garcia – ‘I can’t win a major’

Tip of the week - Monday 20th August It is Sunday afternoon in Augusta, Georgia. The US Masters has just come to a thrilling conclusion. Louis Oosthuizen is reflecting on what might have been. Bubba Watson, having hooked a wedge 80 yards left to right to set up victory, is enjoying the fit of his new green jacket. Sergio Garcia won’t even give his measurements. … [Read more...]

Have Dinner for Breakfast!

Tip of the Day - Monday 9th July Why do we eat the biggest meal of the day in the evening? For that matter, who decided that having dehydrated bits of wheat or corn with milk is the ideal breakfast? At the Beijing Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps caused a stir when it was revealed his breakfast comprised a massive 4000 calories, twice the adult requirement for a full day! That’s what it takes to fuel up for eight gold medals. In fact no athlete would dream of facing their morning training … [Read more...]

How to Know When You’re Working Too Hard

Tip of the Day - Monday 2nd July In the build up to a huge event like an Olympics on home soil, there is a temptation for athletes to train that bit harder than normal, because more is better, right? Fortunately athletes and their coaches are all to aware of the risks of over-training syndrome; a collection of symptoms that signal the body is struggling to cope and instead of getting stronger in training is actually going in the opposite direction. Lack of motivation, impaired performance, … [Read more...]

Talent Tip of the Day- Friday 29 June

You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." - Henry Ford I was thinking about this a lot last night.. as I was trying to sleep. As next week I have a big presentation to do on my work area. Over the last 8 months in my new role I have been building a reputation for what I deliver not what I am going to deliver in the future. So how have I done it.. an number of ways but firstly through launching a large leadership programme which was front and centre of our talent strategy in … [Read more...]

Crisis? Keep your toys in the pram

Tip of the day - Friday 15th June The ability to deal with uncertainty may well be the currency that distinguishes success from failure this decade. Those who panic will encourage others to panic, initiating chain reactions which can only lead confidence to plummet. I was so impressed by Artur Fischer, CEO of the Berlin Stock Exchange this morning. When asked about his prognosis for Greece, he remained utterly balanced and factual. He was candid about the difficulties, but also clear about the … [Read more...]

Rhythm at Lytham

Tip of the day - Thursday 17th June As I make my way up to Royal Lytham & St.Annes to give a talk to the Halle Orchestra, I am reminded of an old Buddhist phrase - 'the wind is always with you, if you see it as friend, not foe'. I have often heard elite athletes describe flow as the feeling of having wind in ones sails, a feeling of being powered by an invisible energy and a deep awareness of the present. Performance becomes effortless, yet powerful and full of rhythm. We feel accompanied … [Read more...]

Nutrition in Business: Think Like an Athlete

Tip of the Day - Wednesday 13th June If you want to be an elite performer in business, the performing arts, or any other walk of life, you need a nutrition strategy. According to the dictionary strategy is 'a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim'. Elite athletes in any sport have a nutrition strategy that takes into account fueling up prior to training/competition, fuel and hydration strategies for during training/competition, and recovery meals that make sure they are … [Read more...]

Thermostatic Confidence

Tip of the day - Friday 8th June Performance is like a thermostat, with levels set according to our expectations. In golf, for example, if we expect to shoot level par, our thermostat automatically adjusts to meet this. If we get to -3 at any point, it often activates and throws in a few bogies. If we slump to +3, it balances us in the opposite direction and so the birdies come. Mental thermostats of this kind govern much of what we do and how we perform. It would seem that they do not like … [Read more...]

How not to choke

Tip of the day - Tuesday 29th May It takes a special kind of courage to deal with expectation. In some ways, expectations are like negative goals - they contain aspiration, but also pressure. Ironically, they tend to take us from being focused on where we're going to how we're doing. We think too much. The result? Choking. Thinking too much kills trust. Imagine walking up a set of stairs thinking about how. If any of you have seen Takeshi's castle, you'll know what it feels like...as dozens … [Read more...]

It is not the mind that doubts, the mind is doubt

Tip of the day - Thursday 24th May Ask an elite performer what they're thinking about when at their best and almost all will say 'Not much!'. Performance flows and comes easily. We trust ourselves and don't analyse too much what's going on. When things are tough, we tend to ask why and get into 'fix mode' to get things sorted. This normally makes things worse. After a good performance has been thrown away, we stop thinking so much because we have less to lose. This normally makes things … [Read more...]