Why Adam Lanza did it, and why he didn’t

A team of forensic psychologists is currently stationed in Connecticut looking for the motivation behind Adam Lanza's tragic massacre of 20 children last week. Morgan Freeman is right to suggest that the focus be placed not only on gun law, but also investment in mental health. With one key caveat - that we actually seek to understand the behaviour, rather than simply applying the label. Thus far, Lanza's behaviour has been explained by Asperger's, Autism, even Schizophrenia. These explanations … [Read more...]

Ranting is not reform

2am. Phone rings. 'Mr.Mann! Bob Diamond's resigned! You'd better prepare a rant!' 'Oo yes yes, I must. Hang on, let me have a look in my rant drawer, I'm sure I can find something. It had better be good, after all, my name is Mister Mann, they might not take me seriously?' 'I'm sure they will sir. Your arguments are so solutions-oriented.' 6am. Phone rings. 'Lord Oakeshott, Bob Diamond's resigned! You'd better tell them you warned them 5 years ago...and that you were the first to do so. That … [Read more...]

Psycho-economic recovery

Tip of the day - Tuesday 12th June Talk of economic recovery gets tepid enthusiasm at best. Questions of when, how or if dominate and the prognosis tends to be seen as grim. Regardless of how bad things may be, they can only get worse with cynicism. Confidence will be eroded by talk of threat and not opportunity. The more we tell ourselves things are bad, the more the papers tell us things are bad, the worse it will get. I think this is a bigger issue than many realise. Those hoping for … [Read more...]

Fear is the mind killer

Tip of the day - Thursday 31st May Or is it? I have yet to meet an elite performer who isn't driven, at least in part, by fear. It fuels their sense of ambition, pushes them to raise the bar and forces them challenge to their preconceptions about what they thought possible. Fear gets a lot of bad press. The issue is not fear itself, it's the fact we beat ourselves up for feeling it. In truth, we need it. In my experience, it is the type of fear which is more significant. Of course, a fear of … [Read more...]

The 50-minute hour

Tip of the day - Tuesday 22nd May The modern worker is ‘always on’. Ask them how things are going and 'busy' is the stock response. But does 'busy' necessarily equal productive? Just as overworked muscles pull and burn out, so do minds lose sharpness without rest and replenishment. We don't expect our cars to keep driving indefinitely without a refuel. Yet organisations  increasingly do with their people. It is little wonder that sick leave, fatigue and demotivation cost businesses so … [Read more...]