The Error Paradox: How an intolerance of mistakes can increase the likelihood of failure

As a nation, we are not the most tolerant at the best of times, especially when it comes to mistakes. From our early school days, the red pen is unsheathed to scar our work with little wounds which for some may never fully heal. Yes there are the soothing ointments too. The ticks which point us towards our strengths do exist, but it can take some time to appreciate these with sufficient intensity and humility. Half our politicians don't seem to know what they're good at. The other half are … [Read more...]

The psychology of winning – Obama vs Romney, Armstrong, Woods & Savile

Tip of the week - Tuesday 23rd October When Barack Obama stepped out in front of an expectant audience in the first of three Presidential debates, the stage was set for a good, old-fashioned trouncing. Obama’s grace, eloquence and poise would surely dismantle his saccharine counterpart in as many minutes as the governor’s plan has points. It was not to be. The President, in all aspects other than actually being present, did not show up. He remained rooted to his chair, allowed himself to … [Read more...]

There’s No Such Thing as Work-Life Balance. There’s Just Life

Tip of the Day - Monday 16th July The modern workplace is a stressful environment. The advent of the computer chip means that modern workers are expected to do far more than their counterparts even one generation ago. Things aren’t improving much either. As the media feast on stories surrounding the ‘global financial crisis’ (their words) workers feel more pressure to perform, fearing for their jobs, or worse still find themselves taking on more responsibilities following a spate of … [Read more...]

How not to be brainwashed by positive thinking

Tip of the day - Wednesday 27th June Oliver Burkeman's new book 'The Antidote - Happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking’ is a breath of fresh air. If you haven't already bought it, I suggest you do. Its underlying message is that there is considerable potential for happiness in embracing negative thinking rather than trying to 'big yourself up' all the time. … [Read more...]

Crisis? Keep your toys in the pram

Tip of the day - Friday 15th June The ability to deal with uncertainty may well be the currency that distinguishes success from failure this decade. Those who panic will encourage others to panic, initiating chain reactions which can only lead confidence to plummet. I was so impressed by Artur Fischer, CEO of the Berlin Stock Exchange this morning. When asked about his prognosis for Greece, he remained utterly balanced and factual. He was candid about the difficulties, but also clear about the … [Read more...]

Nutrition in Business: Think Like an Athlete

Tip of the Day - Wednesday 13th June If you want to be an elite performer in business, the performing arts, or any other walk of life, you need a nutrition strategy. According to the dictionary strategy is 'a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim'. Elite athletes in any sport have a nutrition strategy that takes into account fueling up prior to training/competition, fuel and hydration strategies for during training/competition, and recovery meals that make sure they are … [Read more...]

Old habits die hard

Tip of the day - Friday 1st June If you insist! How many times do we use 'well that's just how it is' to explain away poor performance. 'I've always been like that', we say, conveniently forgetting the times when it's been rather better. The effect of this is not only damaging in the present, it's damaging in the future! When we say 'I've always been like that', we are also telling ourselves 'And I always will be!'. Stop right there. Imagine we drew conclusions about the future based on the … [Read more...]