Have Dinner for Breakfast!

Tip of the Day - Monday 9th July Why do we eat the biggest meal of the day in the evening? For that matter, who decided that having dehydrated bits of wheat or corn with milk is the ideal breakfast? At the Beijing Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps caused a stir when it was revealed his breakfast comprised a massive 4000 calories, twice the adult requirement for a full day! That’s what it takes to fuel up for eight gold medals. In fact no athlete would dream of facing their morning training … [Read more...]

Top Five Super Snacks to Boost Health and Performance

Tip of the Day - Wednesday 4th July A mid morning snack is a great way to keep you focused and energised through until lunch. So dump the cakes, biscuits and muffins and try some of these health-boosting alternatives: 1. Berries: Full of antioxidants compounds that support your immune system and protect you from the ravages of free radicals – unstable molecules produced by environmental pollution, radiation from the sun and computer screens, smoking and burnt food – which damage cells. … [Read more...]

How to Know When You’re Working Too Hard

Tip of the Day - Monday 2nd July In the build up to a huge event like an Olympics on home soil, there is a temptation for athletes to train that bit harder than normal, because more is better, right? Fortunately athletes and their coaches are all to aware of the risks of over-training syndrome; a collection of symptoms that signal the body is struggling to cope and instead of getting stronger in training is actually going in the opposite direction. Lack of motivation, impaired performance, … [Read more...]

Olympic Nutrition: Five Tips to Boost YOUR Performance

Tip of the Day - Thursday 28th June With less than 30 days to go until the London 2012 opening ceremony, here's a run down of the top five nutrition tips you can learn from Olympic athletes to improve your performance - whatever it is you do. 1. Eat breakfast: Athletes know that this is the most important meal of the day. It's difficult to give everything in training if you are not fueled up properly. Athletes can't just survive on a bit of toast or some cereal either. Try eggs or beans on … [Read more...]

Why Eating Fat is Good for You

Tip of the Day - Tuesday 26th June Avoiding fat is one of the biggest nutrition mistakes you can make. A common misconception is that fat is fat, it's all the same, and everyone needs to eat less of it. That could not be further from the truth and if you want to boost brain power, promote hormonal harmony,  a healthy heart and glowing skin then fat 'balance' is a key nutritional concept. … [Read more...]

Are Energy Drinks Making You Tired?

Tip of the Day - Wednesday 20th June The other day I was standing in the queue at the supermarket. In front of me was a teenager grasping a bag of donuts and TWO 1.5 litre bottles of energy drink. Apart from the general lack of nutrition in what I think might have been his lunch, it also got me thinking about another popular misconception, namely that energy drinks are somehow 'healthy' and provide, well, energy! … [Read more...]

Nutrition in Business: Think Like an Athlete

Tip of the Day - Wednesday 13th June If you want to be an elite performer in business, the performing arts, or any other walk of life, you need a nutrition strategy. According to the dictionary strategy is 'a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim'. Elite athletes in any sport have a nutrition strategy that takes into account fueling up prior to training/competition, fuel and hydration strategies for during training/competition, and recovery meals that make sure they are … [Read more...]

Top Up on the Sunshine Vitamin

Tip of the Day - Monday 11th June With the sun high in the clear blue sky, summer is a time for outdoor living, al-fresco dining and topping up your vitamin D levels. In the human body the majority of vitamin D is made by the action of ultra-violet light from the sun on the skin, with the minor proportion (very minor) coming from foods like dairy and fish. So with such a poor summer so far, are we all getting enough D? In the past Vitamin D was thought only to play a major role in bone health, … [Read more...]

Moderation in Moderation

Tip of the Day - Wednesday 6th June All things in moderation they say, and when it comes to food I am a big believer in this simple saying. Food is to be enjoyed. It s one of life’s great pleasures and is often associated with family gatherings or celebrations with friends. Eating should never ever feel difficult or problematic, and my job when advising on nutrition is to ensure the right balance between eating healthily and enjoying what is being eaten. A little treat now and then is fine in … [Read more...]

Overweight and Under Nourished

Tip of the Day - Wednesday 23rd May The advent of convenience and fast foods has made it very easy, a little too easy, to reach daily calorie requirements (2000 calories for women, 2500 calories for men). Calorie-dense food is not the same as nutrient dense food. The typical Western diet has become very calorie dense, leading to the phenomenon of the overweight but under-nourished. Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. In 2009 (the last set of figures available), 61.3% of adults (aged 16 or … [Read more...]