Talent Tip of the Day- Friday 13 July

I have been in Blackburn for the last 2 days working with our national one voice team in developing them to manage change, bond as a team and overall enable them to discover their own leadership style and voice.

The 2 days were really divided into the first classic push with us as an HRLT taking them through loads of what we are working on, consulting but ultimately telling them. This was helpful for us but is it helpful to them as a team? On the one hand totally, as information is important and can be power in organisations and also enables this team to relay to their collegues. On the other hand it does not develop their leadership skills or bond as a team.

The second day was all focussed on developing them as a team.. we did more expediential styles of learning and took the team at times out of their comfort zone, much more of what we were trying to move the dial on. However sitting on the train home I was reflecting on the highs and lows and it made me think about my own team and how I am leading them.

Do I want to be a leader that just pushes information or truly consults and creates a vision with them, enabling real change. I want to be a leader that builds a sense of community within my team but also across the organisation

The same can be said for the development of the national one voice or teams you are leading, building or part of. We all have a responsibilty as a team member to support, speak honestly and challenge were appropriate. It is actually the culture which is the holly grail for driving, leading or creating teams as not just about your team but remember you are  actually part of the wider the community we work in and ultimately live in.



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