Work Hard, Rest Hard

Tip of the Day – Wednesday 11th July

Not only does a lack of sleep impact on how you feel the next day, evidence suggests it could be more serious when it comes to long-term health. Research shows that American adults sleep 1-1.5 hours less today than their forebears in the 1960s and those sleeping less than 7-hours has increased from 16 to 37%.  Lack of sleep is not conducive to weight maintenance, stress tolerance or immune system strength.

With the availability of the internet, 24-hour TV, email, Blackberry, longer working hours, longer commuting times and more evening and weekend work it is perhaps not surprising that there is a trend towards sedentary behaviour, less and lower quality sleep. More time awake means more opportunities to eat, and with increasingly hectic lifestyles poor food choices are more likely. To compound the problem, insufficient sleep and poor sleep patterns lead to hormonal chaos, increasing the likelihood of weight gain, stress, mood swings and irritability.

Eating well, sleeping well and resting well are all factors in the balancing act necessary for truly optimal performance – in work, school, the arts, or sport. So turn off your phone when you get home, turn the TV off well before you plan to go to bed, do not answer emails after a certain time, and most importantly make rest a priority whenever you can. Work hard, rest hard.

About Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain MSc is a performance nutritionist based in Hertfordshire supporting athletes in a variety of sports and offering weight loss and general nutrition coaching to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. Paul has lectured extensively on nutrition and is former Technical Director at Solgar Vitamin & Herb, where he gained extensive knowledge of the supplement market. Paul uses a functional approach to promote improved performance and long-term health.