The Myth of Five-a-Day

Tip of the day – Friday 18th May

Fruit and vegetables are a rich source of the vitamins, minerals and other plant compounds that make the body work properly. Yet according to recent figures only one in five people eat five or more portions per day. More worrying, five-a-day is an arbitrary number, selected because it seems achievable for the masses. Why not push the boundaries a little and aim for five portions of fruit AND five portions of vegetables per day?

Try substituting one cup of tea or coffee each day with a glass of smoothie. Buy a commercial one, or better still make your own! A typical glass of smoothie counts as two of your five-a-day and is great source of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and fibre.

About Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain MSc is a performance nutritionist based in Hertfordshire supporting athletes in a variety of sports and offering weight loss and general nutrition coaching to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being. Paul has lectured extensively on nutrition and is former Technical Director at Solgar Vitamin & Herb, where he gained extensive knowledge of the supplement market. Paul uses a functional approach to promote improved performance and long-term health.