In a climate in which leaders are expected to do more with less resource, having the right individuals and best teams in place is business critical – not just a luxury. At the same time, recruitment processes can become drawn out and unwieldy as hiring managers seek the perfect candidate.

Our approach focuses on assessing leadership capability, rather than technical skills. By assessing judgement, influence and self-awareness, we help organisations to hire leaders who can not only solve immediate problems, but set a strategic vision, develop others and create a succession plan behind them.

Our assessment takes the form of a 3-hour biographical interview, combining psychological profiling and Hogan psychometrics. This is followed by an individual report and feedback session. We are often asked to comment on an organisation’s own leadership standard, in order to connect an individual’s strengths and development themes to the direction the business is tracking towards.

Feedback from those who have been assessed, either for recruitment or development, is that it is a strongly positive experience that builds self-insight, shedding light on signature strengths as well as blindspots and development areas. Clients value the objectivity we bring to their hiring process and our emphasis on leadership capability and future potential. Compared with larger firms, our service is both highly cost-effective and also very flexible.