Organisational Insight

Culture is incredibly important, regardless of the industry or type of organisation. Contrary to popular belief – there is significant diversity of cultures even within narrow industry bands – law firms, financial services, technology, etc. Our experience is built on two platforms – firstly, our psychological understanding of the importance of culture and its role in business success; secondly, our practical experience of having worked across a wide range of organisations with significantly differing cultures.

We are frequently commissioned to interpret employee engagement surveys or provide insight into the culture driving both teams and organisations. In doing so, we help to remove the blockers that hold organisations back and resolve tensions that may exist between Boards and the wider workforce.

We are able to support clients across the full cycle of engagement and culture change. This often starts with the employee engagement survey itself which is used to audit the current state of play. We are also able to support with survey design and deployment, analysis of  the results and then helping our clients to formulate and present the findings and recommendations to the required audience (this is likely to be the top management team, and/or the wider organisation).