Have Dinner for Breakfast!

Tip of the Day - Monday 9th July Why do we eat the biggest meal of the day in the evening? For that matter, who decided that having dehydrated bits of wheat or corn with milk is the ideal breakfast? At the Beijing Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps caused a stir when it was revealed his breakfast comprised a massive 4000 calories, twice the adult requirement for a full day! That’s what it takes to fuel up for eight gold medals. In fact no athlete would dream of facing their morning training … [Read more...]

Breakfast for dummies

Tip of the day - Wednesday 16th May It is astonishing how many people have their biggest meal of the day when they need it the least...i.e. a few hours before bed.  Yet when a 10 hour day lies ahead, what do we have? A coffee. Maybe a croissant. In the rush for work, we send our cars out without petrol. It is no wonder we flag in the afternoons and work longer, less productive hours. Those that eat a protein breakfast have more energy through the day, eat fewer calories and are less likely to … [Read more...]