How to Know When You’re Working Too Hard

Tip of the Day - Monday 2nd July In the build up to a huge event like an Olympics on home soil, there is a temptation for athletes to train that bit harder than normal, because more is better, right? Fortunately athletes and their coaches are all to aware of the risks of over-training syndrome; a collection of symptoms that signal the body is struggling to cope and instead of getting stronger in training is actually going in the opposite direction. Lack of motivation, impaired performance, … [Read more...]

Olympic Nutrition: Five Tips to Boost YOUR Performance

Tip of the Day - Thursday 28th June With less than 30 days to go until the London 2012 opening ceremony, here's a run down of the top five nutrition tips you can learn from Olympic athletes to improve your performance - whatever it is you do. 1. Eat breakfast: Athletes know that this is the most important meal of the day. It's difficult to give everything in training if you are not fueled up properly. Athletes can't just survive on a bit of toast or some cereal either. Try eggs or beans on … [Read more...]

Overweight and Under Nourished

Tip of the Day - Wednesday 23rd May The advent of convenience and fast foods has made it very easy, a little too easy, to reach daily calorie requirements (2000 calories for women, 2500 calories for men). Calorie-dense food is not the same as nutrient dense food. The typical Western diet has become very calorie dense, leading to the phenomenon of the overweight but under-nourished. Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. In 2009 (the last set of figures available), 61.3% of adults (aged 16 or … [Read more...]

Eating to Win

Tip of the Day - Monday 21st May Elite performers in sport know the importance of good nutrition. In fact most top athletes will have a performance nutritionist within their support team. Elite performers in business and the performing arts tend not to consider nutrition in the same way, often eating on the run, snacking on sugar and fat laden treats and relying on caffeine to get them through the day. Elite performers need great nutrition in order to function optimally, both mentally and … [Read more...]